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We answer Doctor Ferrari’s most frequently asked questions about the eye color change procedure.

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The Neoris technique

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• Operation: €8,000 incl. VAT. There is an additional cost of €1,500 per additional bottle of color.

• A free, compulsory check-up is scheduled between 3 and 6 months after surgery.


• Possibility of changing the intensity of the color or retouching in case of resorption of the dye (at least 1 year after the intervention): €3000.

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The intervention can be paid by online transfer before the intervention (to be paid at least 8 days before the intervention).

Likewise, the surgery can be paid for by credit card or online bank transfer before the intervention.

We do not accept checks.

Cash payments are allowed in full for non French tax residents or up to 1,000€ for French tax residents.


Pratical information

The minimum age is 21 years old.

The procedure takes place only in ophthalmic surgery clinics scrupulously selected by Neoris on the basis of the quality of their technical equipment. For the moment, the interventions are performed exclusively in our Neoris center in Paris:

Clinic “Espace Nouvelle Vision”

6 Rue de la Grande Chaumière, 75006 Paris

The interventions take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

It is advisable to arrive in Paris on the evening preceding the intervention.

The morning will be devoted to a series of ophthalmic exams carried out in order to confirm the information gathered by the doctor during the first consultation. Once this is done, the surgeon will see you for a further consultation. The surgery will take place on the afternoon.

A postoperative check-up will take place on Friday morning, the day after the procedure.

A second check-up takes place 3 months after the intervention.

A preoperative consultation is strongly recommended and should be scheduled at least 2 months before the operation. During this first meeting, you will have a free discussion with the surgeon who will perform the operation. This consultation will make it possible to detect possible contraindications to the operation (presence of a cataract, insufficient endothelial cells, corneal disease, keratoconus, Lasik surgery). You can also take advantage of this consultation to practice a simulation (with appointment).

No, because your appearance will have changed. Therefore, it will be necessary to renew your identity documents after the operation. A certificate of the change of your eye color will be given to you.

Each touch-up is to be considered as a new intervention, with the risks associated with it. Therefore, except in exceptional cases, no more than 3 touch-ups will be performed during a lifetime. (so 4 interventions in total, if we take into account the first intervention).

The feasibility of the touch-up will be studied during the preoperative examination, during which the number of endothelial cells on the posterior surface of the cornea will be particularly taken into account.