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Method | Procedure

You wish to change the color of your eyes?

Here’s how we’ll help you prepare for this procedure:

1. Get in touch

Before wanting to perform this irreversible technique, it is essential to be well informed.
For this purpose, our team will send you the complete documentation concerning the procedure.

2. Careful consideration

Before making a decision, a legal period of reflection of fifteen days must be respected.
The aim is to be aware of all the information needed to make a decision.

3. Making an appointment

If you are sure you want to change the color of your eyes, contact us to arrange a consultation and surgery.

4. Simulation

Do you still have doubts about which eye colour would be the best for you? Our consultant will guide you as you test and select the colour that are best suited to your face, depending on what you prefer.

5. The surgery

The day of your intervention has arrived. You are welcomed by our team in our Parisian clinic.

Performed under local anesthesia (a few drops of anesthesia), the procedure takes one hour and your vision remains good even immediately after the operation.

6. After the surgery

In order to ensure a post-operative follow-up, two control visits are scheduled:

  • The day after your surgery
  • 6 months after the operation.

To make an appointment with me, please fill out the contact form so that one of my medical assistants can get back to you quickly to arrange our meeting and prepare your procedure.